Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon – 2015 (Call for Papers)

Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon
The Executive Committee of the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (WPFDC) is happy to announce the Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon – 2015. Every year starting from 2002, the Forum has been attracting experts from all over the world, bringing concepts and ideas generated in different spheres of scientific and public interest to a focal point, where they can be discussed freely and independently.

One of the prime objectives of the Forum has always been broadening the framework of public discussion. Each time the Executive Committee encourages fresh ideas. This year the Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon will be serving the same goal.

Call for Papers

The WPFDC Executive Committee calls for papers on topics listed below:

  • Growing threat of global war;
  • New regionalization;
  • Christians’ plight in the Middle East;
  • Problem of growing inequality and oligarchization of the world;
  • Problem of the middle class erosion in developed nations;
  • Decent labor;
  • Alternative economic models: a link with the real world and people living in it;
  • Integration projects of globalism as a threat to national sovereignty, employment and national economies;
  • “Consumerism Scissors”: further spreading of consumerism ideology under shrinking opportunities to consume;
  • Lack of moral and social dimension in technological progress;
  • Individualism, degradation of social fabric, atomization of society and its consequences;
  • “Non-market” education and upbringing;
  • Problem of using the Media as a tool for the manipulation of human consciousness;
  • Natural environment preservation as an indispensable condition of decent life;
  • Difficulties of cross-cultural communication;
  • Family as the key unit of self-reproduction of civilizations.

The papers shall be accepted until August 01, 2015. You are kindly invited to submit a paper on any of the designated topics, providing it meets the requirements mentioned below.

The winners of the Marathon will be chosen by the Executive Board of the WPFDC on August 15, 2015. The winners will be invited to the 13th Rhodes Forum at no charge. Furthermore, the winners may eventually be invited to work with the WPFDC, sharing their knowledge and ideas as official columnists of the WPFDC web-site.

Paper Requirements:
•    English language
•    Maximum 3, 000 words
•    Original content

Please send your texts to Marathon@wpfdc.org