Diaversity: Life-long Learning for a Spiritually Worthy Life

Report on the results of “Diaversity: Life-long Learning for a Spiritually Worthy Life” workshop held at the 11th Rhodes Forum on October 3, 2013

By Victor Nemchinov, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

Practicing dialogue on key essential issues in live format where conversation itself is bringing different insights and new knowledge sharing generated by the panel participants became an effective and acclaimed tool at the “Diaversity” workshop. Dialogue university - panel was dedicated to the shaping of life-long learning modes tailored to enhancing the self and embracing the other in the joint quest for a spiritually worthy life.

This model of non-adversary discourse brought to the fore interesting dialogues on professionalism, nature of talent, on the art of sharing and forgiveness, and on the whole range of themes leading to reconciliation and new understanding. It was decided to conduct monthly Diaversity sessions with Skype distant access to promote mechanisms of dialoguing and the panel has recommended to set up a special Diaversity website. Diaversity algorithm has inspired the participants from India, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA and Austria to launch after the 11th World Public Forum new Diaversity outlets in their respective communities.