Samira Ismailova (Germany), Executive Director, KAD e. V. and DAF e.V.

Executive Director, KAD e. V. and DAF e.V.


Since 2006 Samira Patzer-Ismailova has been actively engaged in the work of the Azerbaijan diaspora of Germany involving an extensive variety of activities. Starting from the same year she has been heading the department of art and culture in the German-Azerbaijan Forum.

Since 2008 Patzer-Ismailova has been the chief executive of the German-Azerbaijan Coordination Center of Diaspora in Berlin (KAD).
In the year 2009 she became the president of the Azerbaijan Congress Diaspora of Europe. Also that time she was assigned as the coordinator of the International public initiative group "Justice of Khojaly" in Germany.
In 2011 she became the vice-president of the German-Turkish-Azerbaijan public organization.

For years of living in Germany she has made several publications and conducted  a number of public actions and discussion forums such as "The dialogue of cultures", "The Bridge of national cultures”, "The truth about Khojaly", “The cultural shock of civilisations – challenging time”, “The Woman of the East – between traditions and modernisation” and others. Those events were organised in cooperation with leading educational institutions of Germany such as Humboldt University, Goethe-Institute and the Music academy of Cologne. She has also organised numerous actions and events intended for European listeners to get acquainted with culture and art of Azerbaijan as well as anniversary concerts dedicated to the great Azerbaijani composers – Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Muslim Magomayev, Kara Karayev and Fikret Amirov.