Jean-Charles Ducene (Belgium), Lecturer, Universite libre, Brussel

Lecturer, Universite libre, Brussel


Jean-Charles Ducene has a degree in Philology and Oriental History (ULB, 1994) and is a Doctor of Philosophy and Letters at the Universite libre (2002). His thesis concerned the purpose of editing, translation and commentary of Kitab al-qibla Dala'il of Ibn al-Qassir (fourth / tenth century). Since September 2004 he was in charge at the university courses on the history of Arab and Muslim peoples.
His research interests include geography and mapping medieval Arab approached from two directions: first as a witness to the evolution of ideas and the representation of the world, but also as a source of positive information in historical geography. It also looks at how European scholars have used the oriental authors from the Renaissance to the eighteenth century. Currently, he works on the complete edition of al-Uns muha al-Idrisi and also studies the geographical determinism in the works of Arab authors of the Middle Ages.