Suzuki Michitaka (Japan), Professor, Okayama, Japan

Suzuki Michitaka (Japan), Professor, Okayama, Japan"

Professor, Okayama, Japan


Suzuki Michitaka graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Literature. He obtained masters degree in 1978 (Graduate School, Division of Humanities).

The field of his scientific interests include aesthetics and history of art.

He is author and participant of many researches, such as Study of Russian Icons brought into Japan in Meiji Era (Funded research,  2001-2002), Study upon the wall paintings of the Jasunja Monastery in Serbia (Funded research, 2004).

He is the author of numerous publications. The most famous are “Parables in Medieval Serbian Painting Bijutsushi” (Journal of the Japan Art History Society, Academic Journal, 1992), “Goethe's Concern: Russian Icon and Yamashita Rin (Priests and Priestess of Beauty ,1992), “Japanese Icon Painter Yamashita Rin in Petersburg Journal of the Faculty of Letters Okayama University” (Bulletin of Universities and Institutes ,1986).