Mikhail Degtyar (Russia), Head, TV Studio “Reporter”"

Mikhail Degtyar (Russia), Head, TV Studio “Reporter”"

Head, TV Studio “Reporter”


In 1977 Mikhail Degtyar has finished building faculty of the Leningrad institute of engineers of a railway transportation and then was directed to Azerbaijan, where worked as the foreman and the master at railway station Baladzhary.
In 1986 he became the correspondent of the newspaper «Komsomolskaya pravda» and in 1989 – the head of a video tabloid « Komsomolskaya pravda». In 1990 he graduated scenary faculty of «All-Union State Institute of Cinematography» (VGIK).

From 1991 he served on television channel "Russia" of the «All-Russia state broadcasting company» (VGTRK), supervised over programs "Reporter", «VESTI  in 11», "Destinies", "Federation", has created and conducted a heading «Big reporting» in the program to "VESTI".
From  2002 to 2006 he was the editor-in-chief of special reportings of television channel "TV-centre".
In 1991 he has created the television studio «Reporter», which has  created more than 450 documentary films and programs (shown on TV in Russia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, USA).

He is the winner of the international and Russian TV festivals (and also the winner of the award of UNICEF (1997) for achievements in the field of mass-media). He was three times awarded (1995, 1997, 2001) the prize of the Union of journalists of Russia «For high professionalism»; the higher award of the «Union of journalists of the Russian Federation» – «The Gold feather of Russia» (2005) and the National award in the field of not game cinema and TV «The Laurel branch».

He is a Member of the «Union of cinematographers of Russia» and the «Union of journalists of Russia», the vice-president of the «Russian guild of not-game cinema and TV», member of the «International institute of the press» (IPI), a member of the «International academy of TV and radio», a member of «Academy of the Russian TV», a member of «Academy EMMY».