Georgii Kriuchkov (Ukraine), Executive Director, "Ukrainian Forum"

Georgii Kriuchkov (Ukraine), Executive Director, "Ukrainian Forum&quot

Executive Director, "Ukrainian Forum"


After graduating from Kharvkov law institute he was working during 4 years in Zhaporozhje region (the last position - deputy head of regional department of ministry of justice of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic). Then he was working in Komsomol. From 1960 till 1991 was a member of Soviet Union Communist Party, after that - during 1985-1988 period - he was working in the Central Committee of the party. Later, during 13 years he worked for the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine.
In 1988-1990 (until leaving for pension) he served as the first secretary of Odessa regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
He was elected the deputy of Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, people's deputy of the Soviet Union. Also, he was people's deputy of Ukraine of III and IV convocations being a member of the committee for national security and defense of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, where he was the head of the committee for 6 years.

After completing deputy's activity he is actively participating in public work. Nowadays he is a member of the Central Committee of the communist party of Ukraine, executive secretary of the socio-political organization "Ukrainian Forum" and also is a member of the Ukrainian Council for peace.
Mr. Kriuchkov is the  author of numerous reports in national and foreign mass media, series of books dedicated to the analysis of political processes going on in Ukraine and in the world ("Hard Lessons", "What is happening to our country?", "Ukraine in front of fateful choice", "Expectations and disappointments", "Fascism in Ukraine: danger or reality" and others) and is honored with many awards.