Elena Zelinskaya (Russia), Vice-President, "Media union"

Elena Zelinskaya (Russia), Vice-President, "Media union&quot

Vice-President, "Media union"


Elena Zelinskaya graduated faculty of journalism of the Leningrad State University in 1978.
She worked as the editor of magazine "Mercury". In 1991 she founded the information advertizing group of companies "Northwest" publishing 2 magazines and 6 newspapers in St.-Petersburg.

In commonwealth with colleagues she has founded two public organizations – «League of journalists St.-Petersburg» (1997) and «Northwest association of mass-media» (2000) which promoted development of free journalism in St.-Petersburg and Northwest region Russian Federation.

In the 2001 Elena Zelinskaya was elected the vice-president of all-Russian public organization of workers of mass-media "Media union".
She was a member of Civic chamber of the Russian Federation.
Elena Zelinskaya is the author of the project «Civic life of Leningrad in days of restructuring» and also takes part in such programs as «Cross-interrogation» («Voice of Russia») and «non-Lost Petersburg». Elena Zelinskaya's columns are known to readers of Russians newspapers, magazines and websites. Also she shares with blog readers the observations made during her travellings. All her texts are always keen, exact and not trivial.