Viktor Blazheev (Russia), Rector, Moscow State Law Academy

Viktor Blazheev (Russia), Rector, Moscow State Law Academy "

Rector, Moscow State Law Academy


Viktor Blazheev is a PhD in Juridical Sciences, associate professor, honored lawyer of Russian Federation.

In 1987 he graduated from the All-Union extramural Law Institute, in 1990-post-graduate study.

Since 1990 he is a senior lecturer, associate professor of civil procedure, the Dean of the Moscow daily faculty, vice-chancellor for academic affairs of Moscow State Law Academy (MSAL).

Beginning in the mid-90s, he is a member of all groups of authors of textbooks and teaching aids, scientific and practical commentaries legislation issued by the department of civil and arbitration processes. He has developed a special course on the arbitration process.
Since 2002, he is the first vice-rector for academic affairs MSAL.
In 2003 became the head of the Civil Procedure chair.
Since July 2007, he is the rector of MSAL.

He is the chairman of the Council and the presidium of the Training Association of Legal Education, member of the Council of the humanitarian and socio-economic education; member of the Presidium of the Russian Lawyers' Association, president of the Association of Legal Education, Justice Court Arbitration for Sport and the judge of Sports Arbitration, established by the Russian Olympic Committee jointly with the Association of Sports Law in Russia.

He took an active part in the development of legislative acts; he was a member of working group in developing a federal law "On Advocacy," "On Enforcement Proceedings," "On psychiatric care and guarantees of citizens' rights in its provision."