Grzegorz Kolodko (Poland), Professor, Director of TIGER Institute, Kozminski University, Warsaw

Grzegorz Kolodko (Poland), Professor, Director of TIGER Institute, Kozminski University, Warsaw

Grzegorz Kolodko is a professor of economics and a key architect of Polish reforms, University lecturer, researcher.
After graduating from Warsaw School of Economics in 1972 and gaining his Ph.D in 1976 he lectured at the same university and was appointed to a chair in Economics in 1984. In 1985-86 he was senior Fulbright fellow at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. In 1982-88 served as advisor to the governor of National Bank of Poland. Mr. Kolodko was a participant of the historic “Round Table” negotiations in 1989, which led to the first post-communist government in Eastern Europe. Also he was a member of the Economic Council of the Polish Government in 1989-91.

He was a research fellow at the United Nations World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) in Helsinki in 1988, 1989, and 2002. In 1989-94 Mr. Kolodko was a director of the Institute of Finance, Warsaw and consultant to the International Monetary Fund Research Department in 1991 and 2000, and to the Fiscal Policy Department in 1992 and 1999. In 1994 he was senior research fellow at the Institute of Finance and Monetary Policy in Tokyo, in 1997-98 was appointed to the Sasakawa chair and distinguished research professor in Development Policy at WIDER.

He is winner of numerous prizes and awards for research and teaching activities incl. Doctor Honoris Causa by Lviv University in 2003, South West University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China (SWUFE), in 2004, Finance University in Moscow in 2009, and University of Debrecen, Hunagary, in 2009 and has received the honorary professorships from India Institute of Finance, New Delhi, in 2004, from Nankai University, Tianjin, China, in 2004 and from Moscow Academy of Economics and Law in 2005.
Mr. Kolodko is the author and editor of over 40 books and 400 articles and research papers, published in 25 languages, much in English. Recent books in English include: „Truth, Errors and Lies. Politics and Economics in a Volatile World”, Columbia University Press 2011; „20 years of transformation. Achievements – Problems – Perspectives” (co-author and editor), Nova Science 2011; “Transition and Beyond”, Palgrave McMillan 2007 (co-author and editor); “The World Economy and Great Post-Communist Change”, Nova Science 2006, etc