Tatjana Zdanoka (Latvia), Member, European Parliament, Doctor of Mathematics


Tatjana Zhdanok is a politician and member of the European Parliament and a co-chairperson of «For Human Rights in United Latvia», part of the European Greens–European Free Alliance group.

Tatjana Zhdanok became politically active in the late 1980s, at first a member of the Popular Front, she soon became one of the leaders of the Interfront, a political organization opposing Latvia's independence from the Soviet Union and market reforms. Prior to that, she taught mathematics at the University of Latvia, where she received her doctorate in mathematics in 1992. In 1989, she was elected to the Riga city Soviet, and in 1990, to Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR. She was also active with the Communist Party of Latvia.
From 1995 till 2004 Tatjana Zhdanok was co-chairperson of the Latvian Human Rights Committee (a member of FIDH).  She has also been one of the leaders of Equal Rights since it foundation in 1993 and of the For Human Rights in United Latvia alliance.
Tatjana Zhdanok was elected to the European Parliament in June 2004.