Arturas Mankevicius (Lithuania), Director, reviewer, RINKOM, PR company

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Arthur Mankevicius is a journalist and editor.

In 1984 Mr.  Mankevicius graduated from Vilnius University and then worked in the Lithuanian TV show "Health" editor.  Since 1986 he served in the Lithuanian news agency ELTA Information Department of Industrial Economics Correspondent, then in Foreign Press Department. In 1993-1995 he became a political editor.
Mr. Mankevicius also worked with the German news agency, WPS Russian news agency, the Italian news agency ANSA, Japanese newspaper Hokkaido Shimbun in Lithuania and Poland News Agency EKOINFORM Lithuania.

Since 1992 Arthur Mankevicius provides various public relations projects for information technology companies in the Lithuanian Exhibition Chambers LITEXPO, the Ministry of Health and many other organizations.

Since 2010 Mr. Mankevicius is a chief editor of "Invest" and "The Hunter and angler's” magazines, “www BUSINESS NEWS Daily” and general director of RINKOM Media Agency.