Johannes Maerk (Austria), Director, Institute for Intercultural and Comparative Research, Vienna, Austria


Director, Ideaz Institute Vienna


Johannes Maerk gained a doctorate of political and social philosophy at University of Innsbruck. He was postdoc-researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and professor at the University of Quintana Roo (Mexico).

He has been also visiting scholar at the University of Warsaw, the University of the West Indies and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. His research areas involve non-western political thought, ethics of international relations, and epistemology of social sciences. He has edited four books and published articles in international journals.

Johannes Maerk is participant of international research projects (e.g. civil society, intercultural dialogue and conflict) in the Arab World, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since 1999 he is co-editor (together with Ian Boxill) of “Construccion del Conocimiento en America Latina y el Caribe” (“Knowledge Construction in Latin America and the Caribbean”, Mexico City: Plaza y Valdes, Universidad de Quintana Roo and Jamaica, Awarak Press) and co-editor (together with Alberto Pereira) of the Spanish language online journal Saskab.