Durre Sameen Ahmed (Pakistan), Professor of Communication and Culture(rtd) National College of Arts Lahore. Visiting Professor CIMIC/Lesius Belgium

Professor of Communication and Culture(rtd) National College of Arts Lahore.  Visiting Professor CIMIC/Lesius Belgium
Chairperson and Senior Research Fellow, Center for the Study of Gender and Culture Lahore


Durre Sameen Ahmed is professor of psychology and communication at the National College of Arts, Pakistan’s leading institution of higher education in the arts. A practicing psychotherapist, she has wide interdisciplinary research interests spanning psychology, culture, religion, women/feminism, education and inter- cultural/interfaith dialogue.

She studied at Columbia University, New York, receiving MA’s in sociology(1978), communication(1980), and education (1981). She also received her doctorate in communication and education (1983) from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her works include ”Masculinity, Rationality and Religion” (1995), ”Gendering the Spirit: Women, Religion and the Postcolonial Response” (2001) and the six volume series ”Women and Religion” (1994-1999).

Since 1999 she has been visiting professor at the Center for Intercultural Management and Intercultural Communication, Belgium, where she teaches an annual course on Islam and Culture and has lectured on women, religion and Islam in numerous universities in Europe. She has been awarded a Fatima Jinnah Memorial Gold Medal by the Government of the Punjab, Pakistan, for outstanding contributions to education and research (2008).