Michael Wynne-Parker, Chairman Guild of Travel and Tourism, UK

Michael Wynne-Parker, Chairman Guild of Travel and Tourism, UK

Michael Wynne-Parker has held several public offices including Council for the advancement of Arab-British Understanding.

Following his experiences in Palestine from 1966 Michael Wynne-Parker became a founding member of the Council. He had been an eye witness of the Six Day War. He was elected chairman of the East Region of the Council in 1970 at the age of 25.

English Speaking Union has elected him as chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich Branch in 1975. Later Michael Wynne-Parker was selected to follow Major General Bill Odling as chairman of the East Anglian Region in 1977. He subsequently became a governor of the ESU of the Commonwealth. In 1982 he co founded the ESU of Sri Lanka with Dr Terance Amerasinghe and went on to be elected the first President of the ESU of South Asia in Delhi in 1987.

In 1987 Michael Wynne-Parker was appointed chairman of the ESU Appeal launched by HRH Prince Philip in Westminster County Hall.

The main achievement of the appeal was the retaining and renovation of Dartmouth House-the historic HQ of the ESU. In 1989 Michael Wynne-Parker chaired the ESU of Sri Lanka Appeal to establish a permanent HQ, School (through which over 5000 students have now passed) and the Wynne-Parker Library in Colombo.

In 1989 Michael Wynne-Parker was awarded the Harpers and Queen Awards for Excellence: Philanthropist of the Year, Runner up to HRH Prince Charles, for his contribution to the ESU. Michael Wynne-Parker was elected chairman of The Guild of Travel and Tourism (UK) in 1999.