Oleg Atkov, Secretary General, WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations”, Russia

Oleg Atkov, Secretary General, WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations”, Russia

Oleg Yurievich Atkov graduated from Sechenov First Moscow Institute of Medicine in 1973 and had been doing postgraduate trainings in Scientific Institute of Cardiology of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia till 1978. Afterwards he worked as research fellow and senior research fellow in the Myasnikov Institute of Clinical Cardiology of the Academy of Sciences.

In 1977 Mr. Atkov entered the training group of the Soviet cosmonauts. On February 8th, 1984 Mr. Atkov made a spaceward flight as a cosmonaut-researcher at the spaceship “Soyuz T-10V“. He had been working at the orbital station “Salyut-7“ during 237 days.

After his return to Earth Mr. Atkov continued his work in the Myasnikov Institute of Clinical Cardiology and since 1990 had become the head of New Diagnostic Methods Department. From 1989 to 1996 he had been Deputy Director of the Department of Space Life Science of the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. He currently works as a specialist for telemedicine with the European Commission.

Oleg Atkov has been the Head of the Instrumental Diagnostic Methods Department of Russian State Medical University since 1991 and Editor-in-Chief of the “Journal of Clinical Imaging” since 1992.

In Year 2002 he was appointed the Head of the Health Department of the Ministry of Railways of Russian Federation. In Year 2003 he became the Head of the Medical Care Department of the “Russian Railways” JSC.

Since August 2005 Oleg Atkov has become Vice-President of the “Russian Railways” JSC. Oleg Atkov is the author of more than 150 publications, several monographs, 15 inventions and 3 patents. He is the President of Russian Telemedicine Association (since 2000) and the President of Russian Medical Association of Railway Transportation.

Oleg Atkov is the Honorary Doctor of Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).