A Standing Islamic-Christian Conference in Lebanon to Meet the Region’s Challenges

By Fady Noun, AsiaNews, March 31, 2015

Christian and Muslim leaders yesterday agreed to establish such a structure in Bkerké. It will hold quarterly meetings. The failure to elect a new president and the Islamist threat are the main issues that require a solution. On the long run, the arrival of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, on top of existing Palestinian refugees, threatens the country’s very existence.

An interfaith meeting was held yesterday in Bkerké, See of the Patriarchate of Antioch of the Maronites. Lebanon’s Christian and Muslim religious leaders met to take stock of the region’s tragic developments, and understand the country’s predicament in the evolving situation.

Participants decided to make the meeting a permanent Islamic-Christian forum, convened at quarterly intervals. Although late, yesterday’s decision to make the meeting permanent is to be welcomed.

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