Islam and the West: another Form of Coexistence is Possible

History Allows to Understand Why

A Paper by Dr. Beatriz Bissio, Head of the Department of Political Science, Coordinator of the NIEAAS, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Africa, Asia and South-South Relations, IFCS / Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, submitted for the Rhodes Forum Scientific Marathon - 2014

Understanding a particular culture is diving into its values, deciphering its codes, studying its symbols, submerging in its history.

In a time when certain groups representing specific interests of the West chose Islam (and particularly Arab Muslims) as an enemy to be fought it is important to rescue some aspects of the history of Arab and Islamic civilization to understand how this view is misguided and biased. The study of the history of Islam leads us to understand that the Muslim world is not that "other" with which the Western world can only come into confrontation. Rather, it enables us to understand how this civilization has contributed to the cultural development of humanity, and of course, of the West!

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