Globalization, Justice, and Technology: Cosmopolitan Justice Reconsidered

An Article by Gil Germain published at VoegelinView on June 20, 2014

The prospect of universal justice is alluring. Right-minded persons would agree that a world whose entire population were treated fairly and equitably would constitute a vast improvement over the current global situation, with its egregious injustices and disparities. And global justice just may be an idea whose time has come, given that technological innovations on numerous fronts have integrated the planet more than ever, and along the way both deepened and exposed inequalities as never before. Numerous scholars from varied disciplines have addressed the issue of cosmopolitan justice with the intent to have us seriously consider its possibility.

One such scholar is Fred Dallmayr, a political theorist who has written extensively on global themes and the need for dialogue amongst the world’s civilizations as a precondition for establishing cosmopolitan justice.

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