A New Spiritual Horizon for Humankind

A Paper by Hugo Novotny, President, World Center of Humanistic studies, Argentina, delivered at the International Conference "The Relevance of Traditional Cultures for the Present and the Future", New Delhi, March 26, 2014

The US, Japan and the European Union nations are gradually losing their dominant positions in the world. At the same time, powerful countries like Brazil, India and China do not try to impose their political and cultural values in less developed countries, but rather they intend to base their relations on a mutually beneficial cooperation. Thus, the new system of international relations taking shape due to the growth of Asian, Latin American and African nations is erasing the fragile dependency and colonial servility inherited from the history of the last few centuries by means of the power of common agreements and convergence of interests. There is hope that this will turn the current global crisis into a true opportunity for global change.

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