Humanitarian Breakthrough: Dialogue Assumes a Scientific Form of Dialogistics

Humanitarian Breakthrough: Dialogue Assumes a Scientific Form of Dialogistics

An Article by Ernest Kochetov, Doctor of Economics, President, Public academy of geoeconomical and global studies sciences (Russia)

The article presents the essence, content and the main points of the developed by the author new humanitarian global concept of the world order. This concept is unique because it is based on geoeconomic scientific paradigm of global development, and the author is one of its creators. One of the fundamental questions of the modern world is posed: the role and the place of the dialogue in the destinies of the mankind and the world during the epoch of global world transformation.

Dialogue presents an adequate method of interaction between nations and their institutions, civilizations, the world system and the world community through communication. This process is accompanied by fundamental scientific discoveries, emergence of new spheres of humanitarian knowledge. On the basis of generalization of the gained experience a breakthrough to the new knowledge in social sciences is made – to dialogistics as a scientific validation and fixation of a new cognitive model of a justified world order’s organization. The problem is set up of transferring the new knowledge about the dialogue into scientific institutions, its formalization and scientific documentation.

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