The WPF on the Attacks of Daesh in Brussels

The terror of Daesh draws a bloody and cruel trail through the world. After Paris, Djakarta, the Russian airplane in Sinai, and not to forget Iraq and Syria the godless criminals killed again innocent people, this time in Brussels. The World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” condemns these crime against humanity with utmost vigor, in particular the abuse of religion and unscrupulous seduction of young people to suicide bombings.

Where dialogue would be needed, the leaders of Daesh preach hatred and destruction. As the attacks are attacks on our civilization, all civilized nations must stay together, not only in condemning the crimes, but in effectively fighting the structures of Daesh. That applies also to the secret supporters of Daesh who are supplying the criminals with weapons and money. Such actions must be prosecuted as complicity of the Daesh’s crimes against humanity!

We appeal to the Islamic leaders to condemn the blasphemic abuse of the name of God by suicide bombers and to make sure that killing of innocents has nothing to do with Islam, a religion of peace. We appeal at the same time to European leaders to foster genuine integration of their young Muslim compatriots with access to education and jobs instead of a failed policy of multiculturalism and the building of parallel societies.