Contemporary Hybrid Warfare and What to Do?

A Paper by Türkkaya Ataöv, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Ankara University, Turkey, delivered at the 13th Rhodes Forum on October 10, 2015

The concept of “hybrid warfare” is being debated since it became a part of defence discussions. It was initially described as a band of methods used to counter a conventionally superior enemy. These two words are now accepted as a prevalent term in international and especially in U.S. armed forces literature. Although several definitions have been suggested, it may be utilized to describe some threats, challenges, and armed conflicts of our time, intermingled with irregular forces, terrorism, criminality, and involving primarily non-state actors. Most of the articles on the subject emphasize  that the adjective “hybrid” qualifying threat, conflict, warfare and war does not mean the same thing. But all definitions will agree that it is an apprehension more than a military one. Its adherents are an assortement of true believers, guerillas, terrorists, professional soldiers, and criminal thugs, who combine conventional and nonconventional tactics and resort to immoral acts as well to scare adversaries.

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