Appeal for Transparent, Fair and Secure Elections in Ivory Coast

For many years the Ivory Coast has been affected by continuing crises leading sometimes to violent clashes and, as recently, to thousands of victims. All this has slowed down its social growth and the path towards a modern democracy.

New elections to vote for the new President of the Republic are scheduled for the coming month of October 2015. The Ivory Coast and the international community hope that the vote in this important West African country could contribute to overcome any condition of uncertainty and, above all, to avoid new social tensions.

Approaching the voting date, the political and social climate of the country is becoming once again particularly tense. Only fair and transparent elections can create the conditions for the results to be accepted and recognized by the various sides, thus averting the danger of violence and disorder.

In solidarity with the people of Ivory Coast, who in the past have paid dearly for internal tensions, we appeal to all the political forces of Ivory Coast and to the international Community. 

With this appeal we demand:

Of all political actors and particularly the political and administrative authority of Ivory Coast that they undertake every initiative required to make sure that the upcoming elections be peaceful, democratic and open to the participation of all. The entire electoral process, including the campaign prior to the vote, must take place with the guarantee of freedom and security for all the parties on ballot. All citizens must be guaranteed access to the voting polls and freedom to vote, without any pressure.

Of the International community the commitment to exercise maximum vigilance on the modality of preparation and of conduct of the voting procedure for the election of the new Ivory Coast president, with the clear understanding that only fair and legitimate elections can make it possible to open a phase free from the violence of the past and to facilitate the economic and social development necessary to defeat poverty which still affects a large part of the population.

Rome, July 2015

First signatures: (in alphabetic  order)

BIANCO Gerardo, ex deputato e ministro dell’Istruzione, presidente Associazione Nazionale ex-parlamentari
FOLLONI Gian Guido, ex senatore e ministro dei Rapporti con il Parlamento
GIANNI Alfonso, ex parlamentare e sottosegretario allo Sviluppo economico
GUNNELLA Aristide, ex parlamentare e sottosegretario agli Affari Esteri con delega per l’Africa
GRAZIANI Tiberio , IsAG,  Institute of  Geopolitical High Studies
HELLENBROICH Anno, former press agency executive director, free journalist, Germany
KOECHLER Hans, university professor, president International Progress Organization (IPO), Austria
LANNUTTI Elio, ex senatore, presidente Associazione Consumatori Adusbef
LETTIERI Mario, ex parlamentare e sottosegretario all’Economia e alle Finanze
LOTTIN Welly Marguerite, presidente Associazione Interculturale Griot
MEZZAROMA Roberto, ex parlamentare europeo e presidente Delegazione per le relazioni con il Sudafrica
MIGLIORI Riccardo, ex deputato e presidente Assemblea parlamentare OSCE
MUSCARDINI Cristiana, membro del Parlamento Europeo
NISTRI Elisabetta, President  "Women Federation for World Peace" Italy
PEDRIZZI Riccardo, ex senatore e presidente della Commissione Finanze del Senato
PERSICHETTI Donatina, presidente Consulta Femminile Regione Lazio
PETERLINI Oscar, ex senatore della Repubblica
PITTELLA Gianni, MP,  Vice Presidente Vicario Parlamento Europeo
PUDDU Giannina, President ASSOFINANCE
RAIMONDI Paolo, economista, coordinatore Comitato per il progetto infrastrutturale eurasiatico “Razvitie”
RICCERI Marco, Segretario generale EURISPES, istituto di studi politici, economici e sociali
RICEVUTO Giovanni, ex parlamentare, viceministro all’Istruzione e presidente Provincia di Messina
RIVOLTA Dario, ex parlamentare e vice presidente della Commissione Affari Esteri della Camera
SANZA Angelo, ex parlamentare e sottosegretario agli Esteri e alla presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

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