The Change of Regime of International Law as the Legal Feature of the New World Order

A Report prepared for the 12th Rhodes Forum by Dr. Alexander Mezyaev, Head of Department of International Law, University of Management TISBI, Russia. Editor-in-Chief, Kazan Journal of International Law and International Relations

The idea of the regime change is in no way a new fact on the international scene. Of course nowadays it gained several new features (like democracy claims or use of the new technologies) but the very fact is an old one.

What is really new that must be underlined in the context of the regime change - is a new regime of international law (onwards - IL). The law that establishes the base for illegal actions. Step by step, very quietly, but consistently, during last 20 years it was the building of the new regime of IL. It may be even said that the new IL was established. Before we analyze the phenomenon of this new ILR lets have a look at the strange events that are going on in the very legal institutions of the modern world – international courts and tribunals.

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