‘Americanization’ — without the ‘White Man’s Burden.’ What’s to be Done?

A Paper by Türkkaya Ataöv, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Ankara University, Turkey, delivered at the 12th Rhodes Forum on September 26, 2014

Global South is being assaulted, in ways more than one, by Global North, led by the United States for the last two-and-a-half decades. The attacks are redesigned, comprehensive, and widespread, with new hooks. They have been in the form of suggestions, pressures, interventions, attacks and invasions in political, economic and cultural realms. The United States presses for governmental and economic reconstruction models, whose costs are being borne by the great majority of mankind that faces inflation, unemployment, loss of state subsidies and other protections. Although the dream of prosperity is rhetorically a guiding beacon, it is not a bed of roses even for the Americans, not only because it is very narrowly shared, but also based on debt incurred by consumers, corporations, the government and the nation itself. How can the world economy sustain itself if dominated by financial speculation? However, the lower classes will not starve quietly. The question is what must and can they do. I intend here first to rate the regime changes enforced upon the Global South (periphery) and then suggest a different course to challenge the dependency.

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