Dialogue Instead of a New Cold War

The WPF International Coordinating Committee meeting took place in Berlin, Germany, on May 16, 2014.

The Committee members discussed the agenda of the forthcoming 12th Annual Session of the Rhodes Forum. Taking into account current international situation the ICC adopted the following resolution:

The ICC of the World Public Forum - “Dialogue of Civilizations” views with great alarm policies directed at the promotion and consolidation of a New Cold War. We condemn in the strongest possible terms irresponsible and incendiary language and actions supporting not only such a Cold War, but a possible new World War. We urge all decision-makers in the West and East to step back from the brink of disaster, remembering how two great wars have devastated the world during the past century. We plead with all policy-makers to give diplomatic contacts and dialogues a chance before it is too late. We also oppose the policy of “containment” which erects a wall of silence and hostility between contending parties instead of inviting them to the table of negotiations. Committed to dialogue between countries and cultures, the World Public Forum rejects such walls of separation as incompatible with international law and with the goal of peaceful global interactions.