Call for Papers: Special Reports on World Development

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute draws world-class experts, bringing concepts and ideas generated in different spheres of scientific and public interest to a focal point, where they can be discussed freely and independently.

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute perceives the dominant world portrayal today as oversimplified and too tightly bound to economic roots, and admits that the world rendering lacks attention to the diversity of social and cultural aspirations and to living norms of traditions. We call for papers exclusively designed by authors: to address the individuals and elites involved in decision-making processes around the world with up-to-date and agile information; to respond adequately to the challenges of modernity; to treat global problems with proper understanding with regard to their complex origins; to draft plausible alternative outlooks of the future.

The Expert Committee of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute calls for papers on the following topics:

1.    Pensions: Could the Biggest Social Gain of the XX Century Turn on Itself?
The twofold crisis of inequality and identity violates the most profound principles of democratic inclusion, justice and fairness. It is vital to restore core universal values and common good principles in public economic discussions.

•    New critiques of neo-liberalism that highlight the cultural bases of neo-liberal hegemony and the power of both “old elites” and “new classes” (e.g. global financial oligarchy)
•    What economic models have grown out of different civilizations, and how can civilizations offer practical resources to combine a productive economy with certain ethical standards?
•    Developing novel economic strategies to make society more resilient by strengthening sovereignty, autonomy and mutually beneficial cooperation based on shared interests and values

2.    The Demographic Curse – is There Still a Way Out?
Demographic Curse from a non-Malthusian perspective. Humanity as a self-organizing system in the intellectual heritage of Prof. S.P. Kapitsa.

•    Civilizational and anthropological foundations of the family and its importance for society
•    How can different civilizations work together to strengthen the family and social life? Practical policies such as more family-friendly employers, support for childcare, education
•    Exploring the cultural and civilizational foundations for the resilience of different nations and cultures, but also their vulnerability

All interested contributors are kindly invited to submit a brief outlook (abstract requirements: English language, maximum 300 words, original content) and key bullet points of the proposed paper for initial approval. Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute follows a transparent and fair policy in remunerating its regular and sporadic authors. Full details of the remuneration will be provided upon request.

Download the Publishing Process and Guidance Policy here.

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Important Dates
- Brief outlook submission deadline: June 24, 2016
- Notification of acceptance: July 4, 2016
- Draft text of the Expert Opinions/Comments submission deadline: July 18, 2016
- Final text of the Expert Opinions/Comments submission deadline: August 1, 2016

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