Call for Papers: Special Reports on World Development

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute draws world-class experts, bringing concepts and ideas generated in different spheres of scientific and public interest to a focal point, where they can be discussed freely and independently.

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute perceives the dominant world portrayal today as oversimplified and too tightly bound to economic roots, and admits that the world rendering lacks attention to the diversity of social and cultural aspirations and to living norms of traditions. We call for papers exclusively designed by authors: to address the individuals and elites involved in decision-making processes around the world with up-to-date and agile information; to respond adequately to the challenges of modernity; to treat global problems with proper understanding with regard to their complex origins; to draft plausible alternative outlooks of the future.

The Scientific Board of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute calls for papers on the following topics:

1. New Barbarians at the Gate
“Social degradation” category as a part of the contemporary socio-philosophical discourse as an opposition to “civilization”. Non-responsible individuality as a dogma of the neo-liberal discourse.

  • Analysing new forms of barbarism within and across different civilizations, including liberal nihilism, secular extremism and religious fundamentalism (such as ISIS)
  • Exploring conceptual and practical resources to renew the best traditions of each and every civilization
  • Building institutions and strategies for “old civilizations” and “new countries” to work together against barbarism (e.g. Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel, Europe and the USA to confront ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others)

2. East or West, Home is Best!
Identity – do specific cultural and political identities threaten the universal values of humanity? How do specific identities get undermined by globalization? How might they survive and flourish within globalization?

  • Civilizational and cultural dimensions of international relations (including the importance of social and religious links within and across nations and states)
  • Commonalities and differences between civilizations and cultures in East and West, and how they can help mutual understanding, respect and concrete cooperation (in bilateral relations and as part of international organizations)
  • Mobilising civilizations and cultures at the service of peace and justice (e.g. using cultural and civilizational resources to improve conflict mediation and resolution; developing models of international order that reflect civilizations and cultures alongside nations and states)

All interested contributors are kindly invited to submit a brief outlook (requirements: English language, maximum 300 words, original content) and key bullet points of the proposed paper for initial approval.Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute follows a transparent and fair policy in remunerating its regular and sporadic authors. Full details of the remuneration will be provided upon request.

Download the Publishing Process and Guidance Policy here.

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Important Dates
- Brief outlook submission deadline: May 9, 2016
- Notification of acceptance: May 16, 2016
- Draft text of the Expert Opinions/Comments submission deadline: May 30, 2016
- Final text of the Expert Opinions/Comments submission deadline: June 15, 2016

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