#Enough! : A campaign to abolish war

Building a critical mass of nonviolent relationships for a green and equal world without war.


#Enough wars!

Enough global warming and inequality!

On the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace, we will launch a campaign to abolish war, a campaign called #Enough!

Our hope is to encourage all members of the human family to sign an agreement never to wage war again. In ‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’, we’ll work to ban wars person by person. It’s not a petition, because we don’t need permission to live without war. And we won’t wait for the elite, as they’re the ones who keep waging wars.

We’re aware that to abolish war, we must also reverse global warming and inequality, because these crises are driven by the same elite who rule us by force.

We also recognize that abolishing war may take a few generations, and that it’s going to take all of us.

Below is a Flyer for #Enough! and the text for ‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’.

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