Inder Kumar Gujral Died at Age 92

Inder Kumar Gujral

“The author of the celebrated Gujral Doctrine (a set of five principles based on unilateral accommodation) died on Friday November 30, 2012 — at age 92, after a full life and a remarkable career that saw him climb inch by inch to success, from municipal-level politician to minister, diplomat, and finally Prime Minister,” reported the grievous news The Hindu.

The former Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral was known not only as a prominent Indian politician, visionary leader, freedom fighter and humanist, he was also the person that gave a very fundamental impetus to the dialogue of civilizations processes in the Asia region of the world and contributed substantially to the foundation of the World Public Forum. In his speech at the very first Rhodes Forum in September 2003 I.K. Gujral prophetically noticed: “In a situation when the South Asian subcontinent and the areas adjacent to it are facing grave threats of destabilization, it is all the more important to strengthen in every possible manner the bilateral and regional initiatives to meet these situations. Instead of looking elsewhere for mediation or intervention to stabilize the region, the Asian states must themselves come forward with creative initiatives to build an effective structure of Asian peace and stability in the spirit of UN Charter which endorses regional security system”. As we witness today his peacekeeping ideas are accurate and precise and should be adopted by all parties seeking non-confrontational, tolerant and dialogue solutions to the challenges of modern inter-civilizational affairs.

The World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” community mourns this grievous loss and sends the sincerest condolences of its participants and members to Gujral family and all the people of India.

Vladimir Yakunin
Founding President,
World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”