Dialogistics at Rhodes Forum 2011

Dialogistics by Ernest Kochetov

A book by Ernest Kochetov (in Russian with English, German, French and Italian abstracts) will be presented at the Rhodes Forum Ninth Annual Session on October 6 - 10, 2011

Scientific monograph by Ernest Kochetov “Dialogistics as a science of the destiny of the mankind  and the world in the context of the global changes” summarizes the author’s scientific studies of the formation and development of a new direction in the sphere of humanitarian knowledge – dialogistics.

For the first time in the world and national scientific literature one of the fundamental questions of the contemporary world is brought up: the role and the place of the dialogue in the destinies of the mankind and the world during the epoch of global transformations. A general outline of the dialogistics is given as a science of basic theoretical and methodological foundations of the mutual and coordinated world outlook, of entering new horizons of the intercivilizational dialogue as a fundamental source of the world’s harmonization.

The author places special importance in the necessity of formation of high humanitarian technologies to relieve tensions and maintaining the global civilizational stability, increasing the role of the dialogue in monitoring of the world’s problem “field”, developing new principles of taking decisions on the global problems of the modern world.

Innovative character of the study is determined by the fact that a break-through to the new knowledge in social sciences is made, new approaches to the philosophy of a dialogue are revealed, its moving motivational “powers”, the field, spheres and participants, the problem of transferring the new knowledge about the dialogue to scientific institutions, its formalization and scientific documentation is brought forward.

Reality and validity in problem definition and reliability of approaches to their resolution through the dialogue are based on the author’s immediate participation in the world forums, international conferences, seminars, symposia, round tables (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Rhodes, Prague, Modena, Tampere, Lahti, Kansas, Beijing, Shanghai, Stuttgart, etc.), at plenary and break-out sessions, where he participates with reports.

The Book is addressed to the path-finders in the sphere of the newest knowledge about the outside world, who bravely bring up the issues of the highest rank, representatives of scientific, business and political, as well as public circles, religious confessions and structures, forming key “agendas” for the global dialogue about the destiny of the world, the strategy of Russia’s development, its interaction with the “new” world.

The author of the book is Ernest Georgievich Kochetov, the President of the Public academy of geoeconomical and global studies sciences, the scientific supervisor of the Geoconomics group at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the head of the Center of strategic geoeconomics studies at the Research and Development Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, the State University - the Higher School of Economics, Doctor of Economics, academician at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Mr. Kochetov is renowned as the author and researcher of a new knowledge about the modern world, the author of new global directions in social sciences: new approaches to the worldview and the world outlook, to the development of mechanisms and technologies to achieve understanding of people; scientific geoeconomic paradigm, validation of action plans to achieve security.

Dialogistics as a science of the destiny of the mankind  and the world in the context of the global changes. Scientific monograph. Moscow, 2011